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Thursday 2nd April


On Thursday morning he got up,

It's raining, it's raining again

I can't go to school today he said,

It's raining, it's raining again.

Antonio Antonio!

it's raining, it's raining again.


                        On Friday morning...…..


Do you remember the song we used to sing? Can you remember what the actions were for each day of the week? If not just make them up and sing the song to start your day! 


Anyway, I hope it doesn't rain again today.

Many thanks to those of you who emailed to let me know what you have been up to. Also some of you responded to my challenge yesterday by finding a super song to help with the pronunciation of the station name. 

What differences do you notice about the station?


Please look on the Foundation Subjects sub-page below, weeks 1&2, I have added Oddizzi which is a geography resource that I will add each week. If you scroll down once you have opened the PDF there are some guided reading tasks for you to complete. 


Have a good day my  Perfect Pendle Pupils!




Wednesday 1st April 12 o'clock


You can stop practising your Welsh phrases now, I hope you all realised the significance of the date! 

Wednesday 1st April


Bore da plant! Good morning children! Do you remember our conversation about the longest place name in the U. K., a place one of you had visited in the holidays? I told you I had  a photograph of me as a little girl with my family standing in front of the longest name at a station and that I would bring it to school to show you. 

Picture 1

I am the little girl being carried by my auntie, a little younger than you are now.

Your extra task today is to learn how to speak Welsh and say the station name.

Good luck and try not to spit too much when you are saying it! 


Tuesday 31st March


It's the last day of March, the first of the three months of Spring. Which are the other two?

When you go on your daily walk or bike ride today look up at the trees, amazing things are happening. I walked past a horse chestnut tree ( conker ) and noticed the large sticky leaf buds are opening.

I can see a bird's nest high up in a tree that is growing next to my house, a pair of magpies are very busy building somewhere safe for the female to lay her eggs. Soon I will not be able to see the nest as the leaves will come out of their buds, hide the nest from view and give it some shade from the sun, wind and the rain.

I also noticed quite a few big bumble bees ( the wild bees that look like stripy little pom poms) even though it is chilly outside. Nature is wonderful!


BBC - David Attenborough - Wonderful World (HD) - YouTube





Picture 1

Can you see the nest? Enjoy today's learning !

Monday 30th March


Good morning my little friends, I hope you had a great weekend. I hope you noticed that the clocks went forward an hour. I watched the sunset at 8 o'clock last night … there are nearly 14 hours of daylight at the moment. Can anyone work out how many hours it is dark? You will have to remember how many hours there are in one day to help you work it out.

I was watching a pair of robins hopping in and out of an ivy that is growing on the fence near my kitchen window. I am sure they are building a nest.

If you have birds in your garden you might like to click on the link below.


Enjoy today's activities, work hard for whoever is helping you. If you like you can start your day by doing a workout with Joe Wicks at 9 am. Just go to You Tube and search Joe Wicks. He is on live and is very good!




Our friend Barnaby


I just thought I'd let you know what Barnaby Bear got up to last week to keep himself busy as he is not allowed to go visiting at the moment. Mrs Evans kindly let him join in with an art lesson, apparently he was very helpful and took some lovely photographs  of  spring flowers and blossom growing in the school grounds.

Friday 27th March


Good morning 2/1S, I can't believe how lovely the weather has been this week. If you are continuing with your weather chart for March this week will be full of sunshines! 

As we sometimes  do some singing on Fridays why don't you teach your family 'A keelie Makolay Mo Paco Mino Sway'. It always lifted my spirits when you sang it together so nicely. You can do the calling and your family can sing back to you. 

Have a lovely day and stay safe!


       Thank you for the photographs I have already received of your fantastic home learning

Thursday, March 26th


Good Morning, another sunny day, I hope you all have an outdoor space ( garden or back yard) so that you can enjoy this lovely weather ! Here is another small task for today inspired by the first piece of home learning I have put on the Fantastic Home Learning page. It will only take a few minutes and you can add actions.Please learn the following  poem....

A little yellow cup,

A little yellow frill,

A little yellow star,

And that's a daffodil.

Good Morning 2/1S


I hope you and all your families are keeping well. The weather is being very kind to us at the moment, long may it continue as it will make the time pass more quickly before we can meet up with our good friends again!

You should  have completed half of your maths and English tasks by now and maybe  a few of the activities on the Foundation Subjects grid. If you would like to share any of your work through photographs or send me a message you can email them to


Sending you all a big smile, I am missing every single one of my superstars

Love from Mrs Smith