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A message from Mrs Keighley

Hello Everyone,

Did you guess that I live in Chatburn? Some of you might have had a delicious ice cream from Hudson's.
I also wanted to show you a photograph of the baby blue tits but I haven't seen them, I hope they didn't fly away when I wasn't looking.
This week I thought we could do a little quiz about birds. Send your answers to Mrs Smith and the winner will win a prize when I see you again.

1.  What wise old bird sailed away in a beautiful pea green boat?
2. My red breast puffs up with pride when I'm bob, bob, bobbing along, who am I?
3. I am black and white and I waddle along, who am I?
4. What are baby swans called?
5. Which colourful bird spreads his feathers like a fan?
Good luck!

I've really enjoyed looking at your smiling faces and your super work. Be happy, stay safe, be kind to your grown ups and keep on working hard.

Lots of love from Mrs Keighley x.