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Our Governing Board plays an active part in the life of our school.  Governors are responsible for running the school and ensuring it is constantly developing to meet the very highest of standards for our children’s learning. 


As a Governing Board we operate to 3 key principles:


1. Strategic vision, leadership, ethos and values - Work with the school, children, parents and local community to identify a strategic plan.


2. Holding the Head Teacher to account and performance management - Providing challenge and also providing support to the school and the leadership team.


3. Ensuring financial value - Working with the school to create a spending plan to support the school's main objectives, ensuring money is well spent and providing benefit to the children.



Membership of the Governing Body 2023-24

Clitheroe Pendle Primary School Governors - Autumn 2023   Term of Office for all Governors is 4 years from date of appointment. 



Bridget Mashiter  Co-opted Governor by governor election 07/11/2023 - Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee


Sharon Mallinson Parent governor by election 10/11/2020 -Chair of the Finance and buildings  Committee


Wendy Nunns (Headteacher) Appointed 01/05/17 




Curriculum , Teaching and Learning  Committee

Bridget Mashiter  Co-opted Governor by governor election 7/11/2023 - Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Miles Peachey  Co-opted governor by governor election 21/6/22 

Mrs Jane Govender Co-opted governor by governor election 29/6/21

Miss Sophie Zakrzewski Staff governor by election 7/11/22

Mr Ashley Jeffries Parent Governor by election 6/3/23



Finance and buildings committee


Mrs Sharon Mallinson Parent Governor by election 10/11/2020- Chair of the Finance and buildings committee

Mrs Li Fielding Co-opted Governor by governor election 10/9/2023

Miss Gemma Dixon Parent Governor by election 6/3/23

Mr David Walton  Local Authority Governor   28/6/23

Mrs Vicki Rush Parent Governor by election 22/1/24


The following governors stepped down from their role :

Mr Ian Brown - Co-opted by governor election 16/3/21-30/10/23 

Mrs Clare Cherry - Co-opted by governor election 25/5/21 - 7/11/23

Mr Frank Houlder (Chair) -  Co-opted by governor election 7/11/2022-7/11/2023

Donna Bristol - Co-opted by governor election 6/9/21 - 9/5/2023

Joanne Fulthorpe - Parent governor 6/12/21-10/2/23 



The Governors of Clitheroe Pendle Primary School  believe it is important that Governing Boards reflect the diversity of the school communities they serve. Diverse Boards promote inclusive school environments and provide diverse role models for staff and young people.

The Governors are currently collecting data on the diversity of the board, including data on age, gender, and ethnicity. They will use that data to inform their recruitment and training needs and ensure there is always a diverse range of perspectives around the table to support robust decision making. At the present time, we do not publish this diversity data online, as individual Governors could be identified, and we have a legal obligation to protect their personal data.