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Work for children absent from school

Good Morning Year 6!

Well, we come to the end of two very different, very strange and very bizarre weeks of home learning! I am now missing each and every one you terribly! I really hope you are all OK and are managing to make the most of this time, I am trying look for the positives...extra time in bed in a morning, spending time with my family, getting my garden ready for summer and lots of time reading - I have even managed to get to the bottom of my ironing bag (although that was a rather boring task!). 

I hope you are all getting on OK with your home learning, it has been a totally new experience for me too, we are going to have a think over the Easter break about what has/hasn't worked for you and keep trying the best we can to make sure you are still learning. We haven't set any home learning for over the 2 week holidays as we would like you to have a break as it important you allow yourselves time to rest - for everyone. This will have been a tough time for your parents too trying to help you at home, perhaps whilst trying to do their own work from home too and cope with the worrying situation we all find ourselves in. Please thank them for the help they have given you so far, I have also found it challenging helping my Joshua with his work and keeping Olivia entertained - she certainly is going through her terrible twos! Try and do something nice for your parents over the Easter break - do the washing up, tidy your room without being asked, sweep the garden? I would also like you to try and have some fun, it is really important to laugh as much as we can at the moment, perhaps you could have a family games evening, compose and perform a song/put on a play or show?

I have provided some ideas of tasks if you would like something to keep you busy, however these are completely optional.

Some of you might be finding things very tough at the moment I will be available via the home learning email for the duration of the Easter holidays, if any of you need a chat or want to send me a message please do - I will reply to you all and love hearing from you! 

I hope the Easter bunny manages to visit you all! 

Take care of yourselves and each other, 

Wishing you all health and happiness

With love, Mrs Atkinson 

This week I have been baking with Joshua and Olivia

This week I have been baking with Joshua and Olivia  1

Message for parents:

Maths and English tasks should ideally take no more than 30-45mins to complete, if your child is struggling with the task set please leave it and instead choose one of the website links to the interactive maths or spelling games. Under normal classroom practice the children would be given specific targetted work for their ability and needs, or additional support as needed, as you will appreciate this is impossible to provide remotely. There may, therefore, be times when your child may either find the work too easy or too hard, please don't worry too much about this, it is far more important at this time that efforts are spent ensuring your families are safe and well. Remember tasks such as baking, crafts, gardening and DIY are all learning too smiley and, as always, please email the home learning address if you need any help or support, whether that be for home learning, or if your child needs a chat or emotional wellbeing support I am here to help wherever I can.

Take care and wishing you all good health, Mrs Atkinson.


For any queries about home learning please email: