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Maisie`s Adventures

Maisie and Cuddles have been staring each other out today; Cuddles perched on the garden wall and Maisie jumping and aiming her spear- like front leg over the edge.

Maisie is worried that Cuddles will get into the garden and either: eat the bird food that Maisie keeps for emergencies, play with her shredded tennis ball or even worse walk near to her small dog bone.

Cuddles is not interested and is busy thinking of a time when she can

follow her dreams end become a cat model......

​​​​​​After a chase and a lot of growling and hissing Cuddles disappeared up a tree as fast as an arrow leaving a bow.

Maisie knows she`s there though and has been staring up at the tree and Cuddles for the last half an hour!!!!


Can you find a simile in this post?

Maisie and Cuddles are gearing up for Easter today. Maisie is sniffing out eggs in the recycle bag.... 


Cuddles is imagining all the eggs she will get.....

Maisie is very tired today after a long walk yesterday-I need to remember that she does only have three legs and that she does get tired. She is a `bed dog` and by this I mean that she will try her hardest to get into a soft comfortable bed whenever she can. Sometimes she succeeds!

I wonder if she`s dreaming about doggy Easter eggs!

When she does dream she will shake her legs and flap her ears and make a screechy sound-she sometimes even barks in her sleep!


Maisie wishes you a lovely Easter and she is hoping that I get back to teaching you soon as she is sick of me getting in her way and waking her up.....


Keep safe and stay indoors and hopefully I will see you soon.

Maisie has had a very enjoyable Easter-as you can she she has kept herself busy!

She has been out for longer walks than usual and I think she is sick of them. Yesterday she actually sat down in the middle of the field and refused to move....

I had to drag her by her lead and she reluctantly sniffed a cow pat and hopped towards me. She attempted to jump a style the other day and quickly realised that four legs were essential for this activity. She stared at me expecting me to produce a dog leg and attach it to her body!!!