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Week 9 08/06/20

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Functions of parts of a plant

Follow the BBC Science lesson on plants. Scroll down to watch the 3 clips and then try to complete the 2 activities.


A local study

Locate the following on either

 or with the attached maps:

  • a school
  • a river
  • a cricket ground
  • a factory
  • a stream
  • a main road
  • a library 
  • a police station


What else can you find?

*For those of you who are interested, start looking at the grid references. What can be found at 4724 on the Clitheroe map?

Use the following as a guide:

We will be investigating these further next week.



This week we want you to investigate packaging so that you can look at their structure. Choose some of your recycling boxes or packets to deconstruct. When you open them out you create what is called a net. Look at how the faces are arranged. Are there tabs to join things together? Which design is the most effective? Are there any graphics or logos? Which type of packaging do you prefer? Why?

Do you think any of these packaging styles would be useful for your shelter?

Draw some of your packages and their logos. State the one you would choose and say why.



Explore the different melodies you can make at Use single note, 8 beat loops, experiment altering the tempo

The question mark at the top helps explain this programme. Basically, you tap in different boxes in each column and then play your tune using the triangle at the bottom. You can speed it up or slow it down too. Enjoy!




Think about your talents. Are all talents the same? Are you good at sport? Are you musical? Are you linguistic?

Are you a people person? Are you an organiser? Are you good with nature? Are you creative?

Create your own medal or medals to celebrate your talents and the talents of your different family members or use the sheet attached as a guide.


Christianity – What makes a good leader?

Think about the leaders we have in school. This could be your class teacher, a teaching assistant, Mrs Nunns or Mrs Govender. What qualities do they have as leaders? What would you like to ask them about their roles?

Create your own questionnaire of things you would like to know about their role and school. Be sensible with your questions. They have to be ones that can be answered. Share some of your questions through the home learning address. Are your questions the same as some of your friends?