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Week 7 18/05/20

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Solids, Liquids and Gases

The football kit socks aren’t drying properly and are getting rather smelly. We are wondering what we could do to ensure this does not happen again.

Invent your own experiment to test how socks dry.

Possible suggestions include putting them on the radiator, seeing if they dried differently if they were scrunched up or not, hanging them up by an open window and squeezing more water out. The choice is yours! Try to make a prediction and record what happens any way you wish, including paragraphs, tables and annotated diagrams.


The Romans

Research the life of a Roman soldier through the attached PowerPoint presentations. Then complete any of the attached worksheets that interests you or record your findings in your book.

Look at the PowerPoint or fact file and investigate the work of Seurat. Notice how his paintings were created. Create your own picture by using dots. Your dots could be painted, printed by using a cotton bud/stick or by making marks with felt pens.


Watch the brilliant rap video by one member of 3/4S. Can you write your own lockdown rap? Send in your masterpieces to

A brilliant rap!

Still image for this video



Look at the following clips on the BBC: 

Then, design your own leaflet to explain the issues raised in the videos.


Judaism- Who inspires you?

Think about everything you have found out. Do you think Moses has any inspiring qualities?  Is there anything that you have learnt about that you agree/disagree with?

Draw an outline of a child.  Inside the shape write all of the leadership qualities that would lead you to follow someone. Outside of the shape, write some qualities that wouldn’t lead you to follow someone.