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Week 4 27/04/20

Please complete the following activities over the course of the week. The resources can be found by scrolling down.smiley

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Solids, Liquids and Gases

LO: To observe that some materials change their state when heated or cooled

Freezing Challenge- Test a range of liquids to see how they freeze and how quickly they melt or return to their original state.  Record your observations before and after with annotated drawings, a chart or in sentences. Try to test salt water, a cooking oil, honey and other liquids from around the house. Please choose your liquids with adult supervision and if you don’t have an ice cube tray, use yogurt pots or other suitable containers.


The Romans

Living like Romans

Watch the clips below:

Make a list of all the things changed in Britain by the Romans. Then decide whether these changes were changes for the better or for the worse. Did they make life better for everyone, or not? Either create your own list or table by splitting your page into sections or use the attached template.



Watch the Kandinsky PowerPoint to investigate colour mixing. Then try to create your own circles. Start with a bold primary colour and then change the tint or the tone for each circle added around after that. Use paper or print the attached template if you wish. For those of you without paints, use felt tips or colouring pencils. Start with a primary colour and then use a secondary colour for your next circle, followed by a different secondary colour for the circle after that, etc.


Last week a range of famous singers made their own version of the Foo Fighters’ Times Like These. I think we can do better. Try to rehearse the song this week as I will give you a line to learn and then we will try to film our own copy. If you or any of your parents can play an instrument and wish to record some of the music too, I would be very grateful.

Watch the link below with an adult.

Make a poster about your favourite artist. It should have a picture, their important information (such as name, age, where they come from, the genre of music they make), the names of some of their songs and why you like them.



Your challenge this week is to persevere and to feel like you are part of a team. You need to complete 5 keepie uppies. You have to use a household object, not a ball, for instance a teddy, a toilet roll, a sock etc. Send evidence of your completed challenge to

We want to see you having fun. Challenge the grown-ups in your family too. Who can rise to the challenge?


I will use you video clips to make a class film too.

Mrs S.


Still image for this video


Judaism- Who inspires you?

Think back to the activities last week relating to trust. Then, create a list of people we trust at home/in school.  Why do we trust these people?  What qualities do they have? Choose one to draw and then add arrows and labels to show their qualities.