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Week 3 W/C 20/04/20

Please complete the following activities over the course of the week:


Downloadable version:



Solids, Liquids and Gases


Watch the following clips:

Look around your house. What can you spot that is a solid, a liquid or a gas?

Complete the attached charts to show the different states of matter.





The Romans


Please watch the following clip:

Espresso Education

(You will need the log in details that were emailed out before the holidays – please email me on  if you are having difficulties.)

Then click on the timeline on the left of the screen. Look at the dates for the Roman invasion and settlement in Britain. Create your own timeline either in your exercise book or on paper to show the key events during this period. If you prefer, there is an easier worksheet to sort and order. Please see the attached resources.







This term we are investigating painting and mosaics. To begin with, we need to investigate colour. Look at the Painting PowerPoint. Notice the primary colours and how when mixed these create secondary colours. Use the templates provided to paint the primary colours and then mix them to create your own secondary colours. If you don’t have any paints at home, don’t worry, just use pencil crayons or felt tips to colour the correct parts of the wheel.





I thought it would be nice if we could all learn a song over the next few weeks. First of all, we could all learn the whole song and then in time, we could record ourselves singing different lines and I will put them together to create a video recording of our class song.

This week, you can choose your own song to rehearse and sing to your family. This will prepare you for singing to an audience.

I would like you to help choose our class song too, nothing too complicated and something everyone will know. Send your ideas or video clips through to the 3khomelearning address.




  • I am missing the opportunity to talk to you all. Write a message to explain what you have been doing in your spare time and email these in to the 3khomelearning address and I will reply to you.




Judaism- Who inspires you?


Play games involving trust, eg Follow the Leader, blindfold your child and lead them around an obstacle course, or in and out of rooms around the house. Swap roles. Discuss the feelings involved in being the leader and the follower. Then ask your child to create a list of qualities that contribute to a person being trusted as a leader.  Once they are written, sort these qualities into a hierarchy of importance, with the most import at the top and the least important at the bottom.