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Week 10 - 15/06/20

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Functions of parts of a plant

Watch the video on Espresso showing the various methods for seed dispersal.

Then watch the clip from the BBC.

Y3: Make a Seed Dispersal Spinner. Use the attached sheet and follow the instructions. Then test your spinner outside in the garden or yard.

Y4: Complete the sorting activity. Place the seeds where you think they belong. Then, check your answers to see if you were correct.


A local study

Watch the clip once again as a reminder:

Use the attached map. What can be found at the following grid references?

  1. What symbols can be found at 7241?
  2. What water can be found at 7142?
  3. What animal can be found at 6842?
  4. What is the number of the B road in 7343?
  5. What is the name of the river at 7644?

Now create 5 grid references of your own for some of the other landmarks on the map. Send your references to me on the class address and I will send back my answers.



  Watch the following video showing and explaining 3D shapes and nets.

Then, choose one of the worksheets to decorate with plant pictures and then fold and glue to make the net into a 3D structure.


Listen to the song to learn about the different notes and where they appear on a stave. 


Complete the notation lesson on the BBC Bitesize website:





Think of all of the ways you have been helped by your family members over the last 12 weeks and make a list of your ideas. Then, write a note to one of them to say thank you for all of their support. Put your note in the box you have created for DT, or create a new box from another net and then present it to them as a thank you gift.


Or, make a note for your father to put in your box. Present it to him for Fathers’ Day, Sunday June 21st 2020.


Christianity – What makes a good leader?

Watch the following animated Jesus Stories, eg Jesus and Zaccheus
and the story of Jesus’ Disciples, Peter and Andrew

Pick out the qualities which Christians think make him worth following.  Then, choose from the following activities:

  • Write a ‘wanted’ poster for Jesus saying what he has done.
  • Write a character description of Jesus.