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Week 1


Vocabulary Ninja


The children are used to doing this daily. There are two categories of words in the attached document. The first category is called 'Grasshopper' words and the second category is called 'Shinobi' words. The 'Grasshopper' words are slightly more simple than the 'Shinobi' words. Usually in class we select one 'Grasshopper' and one 'Shinobi' word daily. We read the word, we clap out the syllables, discuss the meaning and put the word into context. The children then write two sentences, the first including the 'Grasshopper' word and the second including the 'Shinobi' word.

I usually ask the children to try to make their sentence as 'exciting' as possible for the reader. I encourage the children to include adjectives and adverbs where possible. They may even include inverted commas where possible too.


Please encourage your child to write their daily sentences in their Home Learning book.


Thank you,


Mrs Kennerley