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Week 1

Lesson 1

Starter - Copy and complete the sentences into your exercise book.

Main - Create an imaginary country for our world. Draw a map of your country and label/add on key information. Consider adding some of the following: population, flag, language, food, animals, housing, attractions, etc. Be as creative as you can. Does a hippodog live there? Is the national dish a jam sandwich with extra cheese?

Lesson 2

Starter - Copy and complete the sentences into your exercise book.

Main - Use the information you created yesterday to design and make an information leaflet about your country. Try to add a title, a heading, sub-headings, pictures with captions and fun facts. Don't forget your punctuation too!

Lesson 3

Starter - Try the Y3/4 spellings on this website:

Main - Read the first 3 chapters of a novel. Note down the main events or discuss the events with a member of your household. Try to explain why things have happened or why the characters chose to do what they did.

Lesson 4

Starter - Investigate words through the thesaurus below. Choose 4 words from the index and then look at the range of possibilities:

MainChoose 10 tricky words from your novel. Try to be adventurous- don’t choose the easy ones you know. Use a dictionary to find their definitions and record them in your exercise book.

Lesson 5

Starter - Explore contractions below:

Main - Try to spell your tricky words using the ‘ Look, Read, Say, Cover, Write and Check’ method. Then, write a sentence for each of your words to show your understanding.