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Summer 2

Oh no! The sugar has fallen into the sand pit. How could we separate them? HJ - heat it up so the sugar turns to syrup. EL - add water because the sugar will dissolve.

The children have been investigate materials - what happens when they are mixed with water. First they ordered the materials according to whether they thought they would dissolve. They then chose four material, one they thought would dissolve, one they though would not dissolve and two they were unsure about. FK - the sugar dissolved in the water. ME - the coffee water turned brown. FM - the sand sank to the bottom.

The children have been exploring the properties of plastic. They then designed a poster to explain why plastic is fantastic using the different properties. HJ - water bottles are transparent. VT - chairs are strong.

The children went on a seasonal walk to observe the changes to our five study that have occurred since the beginning of summer. The children noticed that there were buds beginning to grow, there were more leaves on the trees and the holly trees berries were green not red like they had expected.