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Summer 2


This half term we are learning about The Normans.


Week 3


Following on from last week we looked at The Bayeux Tapestry. We sequenced events from the tapestry and also looked at the weapons that were wielded in the Battle of Hastings. They ranged from the simple and affordable club to fine steel-bladed swords. We looked closely at the shields. We discovered there were two shapes of shield and these were decorated with colours and symbols significant to the person. We then designed our own shield using the symbols and colours we thought were best suited to us.



Week 2


This week we discovered that 1066 was a momentous year for England. The death of the elderly English king, Edward the Confessor, on 5th January set off a chain of events that would lead to the Battle of Hastings. We thought about the qualities needed to be King and ranked these in order on a Diamond 9 diagram. We also looked the the contenders for the throne after the death of Edward the Confessor. We found out why each thought they were entitled to the throne and other facts about them.




Week 1


On Thursday we started our topic by conducting internet research on The Normans in pairs. We researched significant dates and events and the Norman way of life. We then completed a Norman research map and detailed our findings. We are really excited about our topic and can't wait to find out more!

On Friday with Mrs Roscoe we looked at BC and AD and sequenced periods of world and British history on a timeline.

Norman Internet Research