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Summer 1 - Living things and habitats

Today we went on a mini beast hunt in the habitat of the wildlife garden to find micro habitats and complete a tally of the number of mini beasts we found. We then transferred these into graphs so we could see the information clearly

Busily researching on the iPads to form food chains


Still image for this video
Habitats are wonderful and complicated places full of certain conditions suited to certain living things. We watched some very short videos on different habitats, took notes and gave presentations to the class on what we had learnt

We studied ants as part of our science topic, looking at their anatomy, where they live and what they eat. We made our own ants out of playdough, making sure each had a head, abdomen and thorax as well as 6 legs, then we did some independent research, making posters to tell the class all about them.

For the start of our new topic we visited the wildlife garden to hunt for things that are alive, dead or never been alive. We had some really interesting suggestions for the last category, spotting items like metal fences and water droplets. We then categorised some items in our classroom, and had a very interesting discussion about books - which category do you think we put it in?!