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Summer 1

Class 1W went on a stream walk to investigate where the rain goes once it has fallen. They discussed why the level of the water in the stream might be low and the dirction of the water.

As part of our weather topic the children made wind vanes. First they had to fill the base of their bottle with stones, then they made their arrow by attaching tow pieces of card to a straw. Fin art they mad a base with the compass directions. The arrows were attached to the bottle with polystyrene and a pin. Once the weather vanes were complete we want outside to trial them. The children had to position the north point on their wind vane so it was facing the correct direction.

This half term our topic is 'weather'. The children have looked at the different weather symbols and have been using them to record the weather. Once the children were familiar with the different symbols they became weather forecasters, describing what the weather would be like in different parts of the U.K.