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Spring 2 - Plants

The children have set up an experiment to find out if seeds, peas and a bulb can grow without soil or without water. They made predictions - The one with soil will grow -GH. The one with no water will die - DM. The seed with no soil will not grow -RM.

We planted two sunflower seed in soil and gave them water. We put one on the window sill so it would have sunlight and one in the cupboard with no sun light. The children predicted what they thought would happen to the two plants. I think the one in the cupboard will die - JS. I think the one in the with the sun will grow - JH. After a week we looked at the two plants. The children were surprised that the plant in the cupboard had grown. The children made observational comapisons between the two plants. The plant in the cupboard is yellow - DM. The plant that was on the window sill is taller - RuM. The plant that was in the sun is healthier because it is green - ME.

Science Week. The children listened to the story 'The Tiny Seed' and discussed how the seed was carried by the wind. Nest the looked at a sycamore seed and considered the journey it might take. Then they made paper helicopters to simulate the seed. We went outside to observe how the seed might travel on its journey.

The children have been looking at the life cycle of a daffodil. They then closely observed the different parts is a daffodil and labled them.

The children have been looking at a selection of bulbs, beans and seed. They put them into different groups of their choice - size, colour and shape. After exploring the different bulbs and seeds, the children discussed what they already knew about plants - they need water HA, they need sun to grow HJ. They then thought about what they would like to find out about plants.