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Spring 2 Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Day- Seven rainbow themed challenges to complete.

Rainbow Ribbon Dancing

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Having fun with our Windy Whirlers.

Dancing for Sport Relief

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Science Week

Mr Hydes the Laser Scientist

We had a fantastic visit from Mr Hydes who told us all about his job working with lasers. We loved finding out about the robots and massive lasers at the factory. We followed the laser to read our tricky words. We learnt how mirrors can turn images upside down and looked through the periscope to peek at each other. We loved all the special clothes that have to be worn to protect your eyes from the super powerful lasers and to keep the factory really clean. We are going to make a factory for the RGH robot that was made on the 3D printer.


RGH have been involved in lots of colour themed science activities. We have explored colour mixing with powder paints both inside and outside. During Welly Wednesday we went on a colour collecting walk in the wildlife garden to create our own colour charts. We made white lab coats for Thinking Thib and Vocab Ninja so they could join in our science investigations! Look what happened to the red cabbage cooking water when we added vinegar and baking powder. We are waiting to see what happens with our walking rainbow investigation, the children have made some brilliant predictions!


World Book Day. The children looked fantastic in all their costumes. We spent the day completing a range of activities all linked to different books. The children enjoyed sharing their favourite books with the class and listening to some new stories. 
Last week we made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Over the next few weeks we will be taking it in turns to bake bread with Mrs Hailwood. We will bring our delicious bread home to share with our families.
We had wonderful weather for Welly Wednesday. We had to use our muscles and team work to help each other up the muddy hill. We used the branches from the willow tunnel to make picture frames and found things in the environment to create pictures. We collected a basketful of treasure, special leaves, interesting sticks, feathers and all sorts!

We heard a tinkling bell and went in to the playground to investigate. we were very excited because we thought it might be father Christmas and his reindeers coming back to visit us! Outside we found lots of coloured squares- could they be Elmer's patches? We collected the patches and looked for clues -was the squashed apple core Elmer's tea? We sorted the patches and realised that there were no black, white or brown patches, so it couldn't be Elmer. the children had lots of other ideas,

Was it a rainbow that had been hit by a cannon ball and exploded, like a volcano erupting?

Had a witch cursed a rainbow to break in to 1000 pieces? we worked as a team to put the rainbow back together.