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Spring 2

This week the children are learning about position and direction. They have been using the Beebots and the Beebot app to direct the Beebot.

This week the children have been finding a quarter of a quantity. The worked in groups of four, each child was a quarter of the group, then they shared their counters into quarters. .

We have been recapping half and quarters of a shape. Around the playground were a selection of pictures showing half and quarters of shapes and some that were neither. The children had to collect a picture and sort it into the correct hoop.

The children have been using metre rulers to measure objets in the outdoor classroom. They used the vocabulary of longer, shorter and the same to describe the objects length.

We have been using beanbags, lolly-pop sticks and cones to find a metre.

This week we have been learning about measure. the children have been using rulers to measure worms in CM. Then they made worms using play-dough to different CM lengths.

Today we started to learn about position and direction with Mrs McLeod - we made some of our classmates into robots! Then we gave them instructions of forwards, backwards, left and right to find objects. We then practiced with little people! We are looking forward to using the beebots soon!