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Spring 2

Week 5


Independent Write - The children will be writing their own story on a theme. They will aim to include all aspects from our success criteria such as, inverted commas, similes and metaphors and fantasy elements to name a few.

Week 4


This week the children will be creating their own story based on their innovated character. The story is to have an opening, build up, problem and resolution. The children will be trying to refer to our success criteria to help them include all the necessary features.

Week 3


This week we are continuing our ‘Novel on a theme‘ Iron Man topic. We have completed a written character innovation, creating the character from a range of new materials we have looked at from Minecraft. Some characters cried lava, had shimmering obsidian eyes and heavy granite arms with sharp glass fingers! Wow! 

Week 2


This week we have continued studying The Iron Man. We have looking at the plot in more depth and extracted evidence from the text. We also punctuated an extract from the novel including inverted commas for character speech.


On Thursday we had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day 2019. As the theme was ‘Bedtime Stories’ we wore onesies or Pyjamas, brought our favourite teddy and even brought cosy blankets to sit on and slippers to wear in class!  We started the day listening to Mrs Kennerleys favourite children's story and we shared our own favourite story books we had brought from home with our friends. We continued watching some of the Iron Giant DVD and discussed the similarities and differences between the novel and film.

We then constructed a huge Iron Man as a class and attached similes to describe him. We were visited by Mr Lane our Chair of Governors who read a collection of stories which we really enjoyed. In the afternoon we chose a book from the library and paired up with the children in RGC to read to them. What a lovely day! 

Week 1


We are exploring a Novel as a theme. We started the new half term by reading the first chapter together of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We listened carefully to the character description and then illustrated and annotated our visualisation. Wow, Mrs Kennerley was so impressed! We produced some fantastic, imaginative pieces of work, well done!