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Spring 2

Weeks 4, 5 and 6


We designed, created, showcased and evaluated our 'Iron Man' books. We worked in groups, each member of the group made a different page. The page was illustrated, contained text and the design incorporated either a pop up, linkage and lever or a slider movement. 

We really enjoyed making the books and reading them to the children in 1RL. It was also helpful to evaluate our creations and think about what we might do differently next time and what aspects of our designs were particularly effective.

Week 3


This week we looked at Levers, Linkages and pivots. We examined the mechanisms and how they worked. We then started making our own snapping crocodile including linkage, levers and pivots. 


Week 2


This week we started on a very special pop up card design. This is for Sunday 31st March. We can’t say any more or we will spoil the surprise! 

Week 1


We really enjoyed the start of our Lever and Linkages topic. We looked at a variety of pop up books and how they worked. Some were amazingly intricate and detailed! We then made our own simple pop up card featuring The Iron Man from our English 'Novel on a theme' topic. We illustrated the pop up with a variety of backgrounds, ideas ranged from junk yards to cliffs and beaches.