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Spring 1 Judaism

Week 6


This week we will be writing about our special place and linking it to our knowledge and understanding of what we have learnt this half term about aspects of the Jewish faith. 

Week 5


We reflected on the religious tradition of visiting the synagogue and the special meaning it has to Jewish people. We discussed various religious artefacts and symbols and how these have special meaning to those who visit. We then thought about somewhere that was special to us and why. We enjoyed sharing and discussing our special place with our friends.

Week 4


This week we found out about the important Jewish prayer called a Shema. The Shema is said twice a day and is one of the first things Jewish children are taught. It is written in Hebrew and contains three paragraphs from the Torah.

Week 3


This week we started our focus on Judaism by looking at significant places of worship and symbols belonging to the Jewish faith. We explored a synagogue, the special day of worship called ‘Shabbat’, the Star of David and a Torah. The Torah is the first part of the Jewish bible. It is the central and most important document of Judaism and has been used by Jews through the ages. Today we discovered the Torah contains 613 commandments. 

We thought of our own ‘rules’ to help us lead good lives. We had some lovely ideas, such as always being kind and treating others with respect.

Week 2


This week we discussed the meaning of charity and talked about charities we were aware of and had links to. We then researched the work of three very well known charities, Guide Dogs for the Blind, the RSPCA and the NSPCC.

We then focused on one of the charities, we created the logo and wrote about it using our research.

Week 1


This week we thought about groups we belong to. We made a really long list of all those we were members of. Examples included, Gymnastics clubs, Football clubs, Brownies, Cubs, Swimming clubs and Martial Art clubs. We talked about the uniforms we wore and how it felt to belong to a club or team.