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Spring 1 Hinduism

Today we looked at how Hindus can worship at a home shrine. We used our school artefacts to recreate a shrine with murtis (images of the gods including Ganesh), a diva lamp, bell and prashad (gifts of food, in this case sweets for Krishna who we learnt about last week!)

Today we looked at the story of how Ganesh was given his elephant's head. We talked about how Ganesh is very special to Hindus and that he is celebrated with sweet offerings. We then made some Ganesh origami bookmarks

Today we started our new topic by thinking about how different people have different jobs. can you guess what jobs these people have that we developed clues for.....?


  • I am responsible
  • Sometimes I go to the park
  • People hire me
  • I pick up poo!


  • I make people feel well
  • I must be really careful
  • I'm very intelligent
  • My symbol is a big green cross