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Spring 1 Hinduism

This half term we have been looking at the attributes of people in various ways, focussing on Hinduism. Today we decided to look at our own and others in our class. We thought of positive things about our 'secret' friend and made them a card.

Today we created a Hindu home shrine. We had some murtis (images of the Hindu gods), a diva lamp (to welcome the gods into the home), a bell (to signal the start of prayer) and some prashad (from Mrs Mcleod's lunchbox!) to offer as gifts to the gods

We began this new topic by thinking about different jobs. We played a quiz where we had to guess the job by clues. Then we thought of our own clues to describe a job we were interested in. Can you guess any of these jobs.....?!


  • I must be observant
  • I look after animals
  • I am brave
  • I wear a uniform


  • I look after animals
  • I wear a uniform
  • I ride on a big machine
  • I have a yard
  • I feed milk to animals
  • I have big animals and small animals