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Spring 1

Double Trouble! The children have been finding doubles by adding spots to one of the ladybirds wings and then adding the same amount of spots to the other wing, finally the counted the spots to find the double.

The children have been deciding which note would be the best one to use to buy their chosen item.

Money, money, money! The children have been ordering the coins according to value. In pairs, one child removed a coin and using their knowlede of coins the other child had to find which one was missing.

The children have been using their knowledge of 3D shapes to build shapes using playdough, and midget gems and cocktail sticks.

What an exciting time we had in maths today! We recapped our knowledge of 3D shapes and then headed out on a hunt around school. Some of us kept a tally of how many of the different shapes we found. Can you guess which was the most popular?! Others named the real life examples of shapes that they found.

Our 2D shapes were stolen today!