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Spring 1


Issues and Dilemmas

Wallace and Gromit 'Matter of Loaf and Death' storyboards

We started our topic by looking at moral dilemma cards. We explored ideas of what is right and wrong, discussed our opinions and listened to the ideas of others.

Using Clips on the iPads, combining videos, images and music to create our toothpaste advertisements.

We really enjoyed a visit from Stuart Reid author of the Gorgeous George series of children's books.

We are really enjoying selecting synonym cards from our display & using them in our writing!


Working collaboratively to produce a script for our toothpaste advertisements.

Working in groups to plan toothpaste advertisements. We are going to film these on the iPads and use Keynote to add text and graphics.

Designing toothpaste packaging including branding, logo, slogan, information and instructions.

Exploring the features of printed adverts