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Science Club 2023

Our 'Science from Stories' club is open to children in year 2. Each week the children enjoy listening to a story which then becomes the stimulus for a science investigation.

After listening to the story ‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ we investigated our own smelly potions. Red cabbage water- how did the colour change as we added different materials? Could we get it back to purple? 

 No-bot the robot has lost the his bottom. He has no glue so can he use to stick it back on? We used pegs as weights to test the alternative glues- tomato ketchup, paint, butter, baby lotion, syrup, soap.

Science Club 2022

 ‘No-Bot the Robot’ has lost his bottom. What can he use as substitute for glue to stick it back on? We tested ketchup, soap, toothpaste, paint and mustard. At home we are planning to test jam, syrup or honey because they are really sticky!

‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis. We enjoyed the story before collecting our sticks to make a bug hotel. We even found some mini beasts trying to move in to their new home!

‘Ada Twist Scientist’ - We explored what happened when we mixed different household products with red cabbage water. It was a very smelly investigation!

We listened to the story 'The Boy Who Switched Off the Sun' and discussed whether it was scientifically accurate or not. We made our own air powered rockets. We talked about aero-dynamics and gravity effecting the flight of our rockets- Mrs Govender was very impressed with our scientific explanations! 

We listened to the story ‘ Not a Stick.’ We collected sticks and used bamboo canes to make our bug houses. 

We listened to the story of ‘Ada Twist Scientist’. We explored our own smelly mixture- red cabbage water! We mixed it with bicarbonate of soda and it turned blue. We explored what happened if we added different liquids- could we turn it back to red again?


We were so busy today we nearly forgot to take any photos! 
No-bot the Robot has lost his bottom. What can we use as an alternative to glue? We tested ketchup, butter, soap, syrup and lotion. What do you predict would make the strongest glue?

Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis.

We read the story which sparked a conversation about what is a stick? Is it the same as a twig, a log? What's the difference. We went outside to see what different sticks we could find. We noticed different colours, straight and curly, different thicknesses, bendy and snappy- flexible and rigid.