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Science Club

Our new 'Science from Stories' club is open to children in year 2. Each week the children enjoy listening to a story which then becomes the stimulus for a science investigation.

Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis.

We read the story which sparked a conversation about what is a stick? is it the same as a twig, a log? What's the difference. We went outside to see what different sticks we could find. We noticed different colours, straight and curly, different thicknesses, bendy and snappy- flexible and rigid. 

NoBot the Robot has lost his bottom! What will make the best glue to stick it back on...Ketchup, tothpaste, jam, butter, lotion? Predicting and testing.

Inspired by 'Ada Twist the Scientist' we investigated smells and created some smeely mixtures.

Science club is for children in Year 2. Each week we have a different investigative challenge. We are collecting stickers on our science passports to show how we have been working scientifically.

Flying Santa Hats. Who can make their hat go the furthest using air power?


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Which material would make the best handkerchief? We talked about the properties that we thought were the most important and tested a range of materials.

Collecting and exploring autumn colours.

Investigating alternative glues for No-Bot the Robot

Can you collect a rainbow? Make a green colour chart. Careful observation in the wildlife garden.

Sniffly Sneezes. Which material makes the best handkerchief?

No-bot. Using pegs as weights, we tested which liquids we could use instead of glue to stick Robot’s bottom back on.

Liquid Races. Predicting, observing, explaining.

Ballooon Power


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No-Bot the Robot

No-Bot needs to stick his bottom back on but he hasn’t any glue. We investigated what No- Bot could use instead... ketchup, syrup, jam, lotion, margarine, soap or conditioner. We used pegs as weights to find which made the strongest glue.

Sugary Solutions

We used the Easiscope to look closely at different types of sugar. We made predictions and then investigated what happened when we put the sugars in water. 

Feed the Birds in Winter

Flying Santa Hats!


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We made cone shaped Santa hats and made them fly by forcing air out of plastic bottles. Who can make their hat go the furthest/ highest? We discussed what would happen if we used a smaller bottle or changed the size of the hat. Something to try at home!

Sniffly Sneezes

We chose which properties we thought were important when choosing a material for a handkerchief. We tested different materials and discussed our results.

Autumn Colours

This week we have been practising our observational skills. We collected leaves from the wildlife garden and tried to match the colours to paint colour charts. We made our own colour charts with different leaf shades.

Racing Liquids

We compared different liquids before racing them down a slope. We talked about planning a fair test. We made predictions and then used stop watches to record the time each liquid took to reach the finish line. 
No-Bot the Robot's bottom has fallen off!  What can he find in his kitchen to stick his bottom back on? We tested butter, ketchup, syrup, treacle and washing-up-liquid, using pegs as weights to see which was the strongest glue. We recorded and discussed our results. 

Asking questions helps us learn about the world around us.

We have used the 'Easiscope' to zoom in and look carefully at different objects. Can you tell what they are?

Collecting colours to create a rainbow in the Wildlife Garden

Sticky Sugar Solutions

Water Timers

Can you make a water timer that lasts for one minute?

Leaf Hunt

This week we went on a leaf hunt to identify trees in  the school grounds.We compared the leaves on different trees. some were thick and smooth like leather. The new leaves were softer and thinner. R. thought the leaves were a bit like us because they grow and change colour and the baby leaves are soft.

Sniffly Sneezes

We investigated which material would make the best hankie. We decided a hankie needs to be soft, strong and absorbent. We tested the materials and shared our results. 

Brilliant Bubbles

We investigated how we could change the size and shape of the bubbles we made.