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Summer 2

This half term we are looking at habitats and living things.

Many, many  thanks for the homework support. These new species look amazing! We will be adding them to the Wildlife Area soon!

Week 4

We have been finding ways to classify animals. First of all, we used sweets and made our own branching databases. Then, we made animal classification keys.

Week 1

We looked around school for signs of life. We sketched, made tally charts and graphs to show our findings.

Summer 1

This half term we are looking at teeth and digestion.


Week 7

This week we have been following the journey of food through the digestive system. As you can tell by the pictures, we had great fun!

Week 6

We have been trying to draw the inside of our bodies. We worked as a team to observe and record.

Week 4

We are investigating how different liquids effect our teeth. We are using eggs to represent our teeth and testing them in water, coffee, milk, fruit juice, vinegar and coke.

Week 3

We looked at different types of teeth and the roles they play in helping us to eat and swallow food ready for digestion. We used different tools to test the action of the teeth on a biscuit. The scissors were like incisors, cutting our food. The cocktail sticks were like our canines ripping and tearing at the biscuit and the Lego bricks matched the action of our molars and premolars to grind our food.

Week 2

We used mirrors to look at our teeth. We tried to make a copy of our teeth in plasticine.

RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch

We counted the birds we could see around school for an hour. We added our results to the national survey by the RSPB. We saw 44 birds in total and our most popular 'spot' was the blackbird!


We made snappers and nests whilst we waited our turn to observe.

Spring 2

We have been investigating food. 

Spring 1

This half term we are looking at the topic of 'Light'. 

This week we have been finding out about shadow sizes and light source angles.

We tested shadow puppets to see what would happen if a light source was nearer or further away from an object and to see if the angle of a light source altered the size.

Investigating Shadows

We have been finding out about shadows this week and learning new terminology. We know the words opaque, translucent and transparent.


We know that a shadow is formed when a light source can't travel through an object. 


We know that darkness is the absence of light.

Autumn 2

Week 3

We have been excavating chocolate chips from cookies as a way to see what it is like for paleontologists excavating fossils. We could use cocktail sticks to scrape our cookie and free the chips. It was very hard and time consuming. We had to record our findings on a co-ordinates grid.

Week 1

This week we had a rock competition in class. We saw how all of our chosen rocks were different, from the number of holes to layers and stripes. 

We made chocolate 'mud' puddings to show the different soil layers.
Autumn 1

Week 7

We have been investigating magnet strength this week. We thought of our own questions and designed our own experiments.

Week 5

We have been exploring and observing magnets in Science today.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 2

This week we have been investigating friction. We tested a range of materials to see which one would slow down a car on a ramp.

Week 1

This week in Science we have been investigating forces. We looked at a range of objects and materials and investigated how they could be moved. We found out a little about gravity, friction, push, pull and wind force.