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Science at Pendle

Subject Leader – Jane Govender

Our aim at Pendle is to encourage and develop the natural curiosity that all young children have about their world. We encourage critical and creative thought by encouraging children to engage in questioning and discussion about science-based issues which affect their lives. Where relevant, science is taught through units that link to the main topic theme. Alongside developing conceptual understanding there is a focus on developing working scientifically skills. In the foundation stage children begin to develop an understanding of science through the broader area of ‘Understanding the world.’ The accurate use of scientific vocabulary is important when demonstrating scientific understanding. Each classroom has a science display that includes the key vocabulary for the unit.

We use our school grounds to provide outdoor learning throughout the year including to observe weather, seasonal changes and living things in our environment. Units are enhanced by visits and visitors into school such as animal handling workshops, visiting Myerscough College to observe their ‘Plant World’ and linking with Ribblesdale High school, for upper key stage 2 children, to experience working in a science laboratory. Mrs Govender runs an investigation science club for children in Year 2.