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This term we are looking at our teeth!!

Today we have been celebrating STEM Day at school.

In 4D we experimented to see if we were a square or a rectangle!! We did this by measuring our height and arm span in centimetres.

If your height and arm span are about the same  (within 2cm), you are a square. If they are different , you are a rectangle!


In our class we found 10 boys and 2 girls were square and  more girls were rectangles than 

than boys.

This half term we are looking at light and light sources.

We have been looking at how angles affect the lengths of shadows.

We enjoyed showing and telling our friends all about the rocks we brought in.
Today we have been exploring the different layers of the Earth and created our own  dessert to show them all!

In science we have been investigating magnets and noting down what we already know and what we would like to learn.