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A new half term, a new religion! Today we began our learning on Christianity by looking at how water is used in our world. We split them in to wants and needs and had detailed discussions about how some uses fit into both!

With all the work we've been doing about celebrations connected with Judaism, we couldn't pass up the chance to link this to some work on the imminent Royal wedding! We were given the opportunity to design a suit, dress, balloon or cake for the happy couple. We talked about all the things they might like and also any important information about them (such as Harry's real name being Henry and him spending 10 years in the army) and came up with these fabulous designs!

This week we got 'hands on' with Judaism and spent some time looking at artefacts. We enjoyed exploring them and finding out more about each one, then we did some fantastic observational drawings. We also got time to play the Dredel with Mrs McLeod!

Continuing our work on Judaism, today we learnt about the story of Passover and the food eaten on a Seder plate. We then painter our own seder plates - it was tricky painting herbs and raisins! We also read an email from Hannah, a Jewish lady who answered our questions about Shabbat from last week!

Today we started to look at the religion of Judaism. We learnt about the 'Creation Story'. We then used pastels to make one of the 7 days

After learning all about the Easter Story last week, today we have been thinking about 'forgiveness'. We talked about how Jesus forgave Judas, Peter and Pontius Pilate, and any times that we have forgiven people. We talked about how it felt to be forgiven (happy, grateful, cheerful, calm) and how it felt if we are not forgiven (sad, angry, paranoid, annoyed). We practiced our drama skills, acting out a situation involving saying sorry, and thinking about our facial expressions, use of body and voice.

Because we are on the lead up to Easter, we have been learning all about Christianity. We talked about how Christians believe that if they ask for forgiveness, they will be forgiven. We thought about a time we said sorry to someone then made 'forgiveness buddies' all ready to give a hug!

This week we have studied Krishna. Krishna is cheeky, blue and pretty! Some of us also made some Krishna crowns

This week in R.E. we have been learning about Brahma who is a Hindu god. There is one God but he looks different! Sometimes he looks like an elephant, sometimes he has three heads and sometimes he is grumpy! We tried our own different faces - we look different but we are still the same person

This week we've been learning about how Christmas is a day where Jesus' birthday is celebrated and we linked this to our celebrations topic. We also tested our cutting skills! Do you like our birthday balloons?!

In R.E. with Mrs McLeod we have been learning about Islam and about caring for things around us. We studied the trees and nature outside and thought about what would happen if we didn't look after nature. We made our own Autumn trees using our hands and arms for the trunks and our fingers for the leaves. We also practised our cutting skills using our scissors for the grass!