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Last week we watched a short film about Shabbat. However, at the end of the film we had lots of questions! We wrote them down in our books (remembering to use question marks!) and Mrs McLeod emailed them to a Jewish lady called Hannah. These are her replies...

This week in R.E. we channeled our inner artists with chalk pastels. We looked at how in the Jewish religion, they believe that God made the world in 7 days. On one day God made the sun and the moon, another animals and people and another one he had a rest!

In our last R.E. lesson this half term we discussed our 'positive attributes'. Linking back to the work we have done so far this half term in Hinduism, and also the work we have previously carried out about Islam and Christianity, we acted out our positive attributes. We had everything from 'caring to animals' and 'helpful' to 'kind' and 'strong'.

This term we are learning all about Hinduism. Today we discussed how they have one God but he has many different forms. We made different faces (happy, excited, bored etc) so we looked different but we were still the same person


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This week we heard the Christmas Story and then used stick puppets to retell it.

In R.E. with Mrs McLeod we talked about the fact that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birthday. We thought about where he was born and related this to our lists we made for a new baby last week. Then we decorated a birthday balloon and added baby Jesus in his manger. It really tested our cutting skills too!


The children dropped leaves in puddles and watched in wonder as the ripples pulsed out from the point of contact with the water.