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As part of PSHE day we enjoyed discussing and sharing our ideas about what makes a good team. We worked in groups and shared ideas to create a 'Diamond 9' these listed the qualities we thought were most important to have when working as part of a team.

Team Games

The Human Knot

We enjoyed lots of team building games. In particular 'The Human Knot', we worked in teams of 8 to try to untangle ourselves without letting go of our hands! It was very tricky and involved lots of problem solving and discussion! 

Cane Balance

We worked in teams to try to lower a cane to the floor balanced on top of our fingers. This was very tricky! 

Shoe Tower

We used our team 'building' skills to create the tallest standing tower possible with our shoes! We had some great ideas, use the heaviest shoes first, the smallest shoes at the top. What a fun and challenging task!