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Give It a Go! Today's PSHE day was all about giving it a go and judging risk. First we thought about all the risks, however small, we take in a day. We then acted these out. Next we watched a short film called Dangle about a man that finds a rope hanging from the sky. He had to decide whether to pull it! Only 9 of our class decided they would pull it! We then learnt that Mrs McLeod has a button in her loft and is unsure whether to press it. We thought about the risks there might be and also what good things could happen and told her whether we thought she should press it or not.

Better Safe than Sorry.

The children were learning about keeping safe. The day focused on how to sate safe in the house, on the Internet and when they are out. They learnt about medicines and the importance of only have the right amount; only having medicines that are for you; only having medicines when you are ill and where they should be kept. The day finished discussing who the children could talk to if the were worried. 

The children have been learning about Internet safety. They discussed what they must do to stay safe when using the Internet.

The children discussed who they could talk to if they were worried. 'If I am worried I can talk to my mum.' - JH. ' if I am worried I can talk to Mrs Worsley.' - RuM.