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Growing and Changing

We discussed what is important for a baby then sorted items a baby needs/does not need

We wrote about how to take care of a baby

The children listened to the story 'Once There Were Giants' by Martin Waddell then considered how we are able to do different things as we grow and get older

Give it a Go!


We discussed all the things we could not do as babies that we can do now such as riding a bike, catching a ball, swimming etc.

We listened to the story about Harold (Life Education) and his journey from wanting to achieving his goal. We looked at the Learning Line which tracks our feelings when we are learning a new skill.

We drew pictures showing the stages of learning

The children worked in pairs throwing and catching a beanbag with one hand behind their back , then standing on one leg, then with increased distance between them. The children encouraged each other with positive comments.

We made a rosette to give to another class member with words of encouragement

Better safe than sorry


Staying safe when we are out and about 

We visited Well Court to give the residents a taster of our Christmas Concert

We chose to study the work done by the RSPCA on our charity day. We found out about the history of the RSPCA and it's various modern day roles. We considered how people have an impact on British wildlife and what we could do to make a safer environment for wildlife in our gardens with particular reference to hedgehogs.