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PE at Pendle

Subject Leader: Peter Dibb

Our aim at Pendle is to encourage and develop the physical literacy of all young children. Our objective is to develop their motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. PE is taught using a carefully planned curriculum, focusing on steps of progression to develop both skill and understanding. In the foundation stage children begin to develop a number of fundamental movements and skills which help them to access the curriculum as they engage in many challenging activities throughout school. We use our school grounds to provide opportunities to enhance PE lessons but also to be physically active throughout the day. We have recently installed a wide range of physically active equipment, such as a Tyre Park, Trim-trail and a selection of outdoor gym equipment. In addition to this, we are fortunate enough to have some excellent community relationships that provide children with a wide range of sporting facilities, such as access to tennis courts, artificial all weather multi-sport spaces and a cricket field that can be used for various lessons and school events. PE and participation in sport is enhanced by having a number of visitors into school. We have had a number of visits from international athletes from a wide range of sports spanning from World Cup winning cricketers to World Champion skaters to name just two. We aim to inspire our children that they too can succeed within sport, whether that be simply participating at inter-school level or whether that is becoming a world champion within their chosen sport. We provide children with a variety of extra-curricular clubs throughout the year. These offer a wide variety of physical activities as we try to engage as many of our children as possible in being physically active. At Pendle we have also hosted celebration events to acknowledge significant sporting events, such as our ‘World Cup Week’ where we organised an entire week themed around the football World Cup. We also provide and contribute towards a number of outdoor adventure activities for the children.