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Music at Pendle

Subject Leader – Katie McLeod


Our aim at Pendle is to make music an enjoyable learning experience and help to enhance the children's personal and social development.


Music is primarily taught through the Kapow scheme; the scheme is based on the  Model Music Curriculum with planned progression built in. This means that the children are increasingly challenged as they move through the school.


Teaching of music at Pendle covers three important aspects:


  • increasing the breadth and range of musical experiences;
  • increasing challenge and difficulty in musical activities; and
  • increasing confidence, sensitivity and creativity in the children’s music making


Although music is taught primarily as a stand alone subject (being the only subject taught through the medium of sound), throughout school it is also used as a teaching aid and a way to foster a love of learning. In Reception this may involve counting songs whilst in Year 6, musical rhymes may be used to commit to memory the more challenging aspects of mathematics or even grammar!


It is also our intent at Pendle to utilise technology throughout our music Curriculum. We make particularly links to iPad programmes, with clubs and extra units involving the app 'Garage Band'.


In Year 4, all children are given the opportunity to learn an instrument under the guidance of specialist music teachers from the Lancashire Music Hub. The Wider Opportunities Programme (WOPPs) is provided free of charge to all children in year four, for which all musical instruments are provided by the music service. Each child learns to play the recorder and is able to continue their instrumental learning with lessons throughout Years 5 and 6 if he/she so wishes (depending on parental consent to payment for group lessons).


We are very proud of our community links developed through music and these further enhance our children's learning. Frequent opportunities are taken to immerse our children in music in the 'wider world' through learning and experiencing songs from different cultures, which increase a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Our school choir also frequently performs at local Care Homes and takes part in the yearly Singing Together project. All children have the opportunity to perform in key stage musical performances and Christmas concerts which are held outside of school.