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We made 3D block graphs of our tallies

We made a tally of the number of each colour smartie in one tube

Which 3D shapes can you build using the framework shapes?

Sorting 3D shapes for different properties ( self chosen)

Find how many and what kind of faces there are on 3D shapes

Explore the number of vertices and edges there are on 3D shapes

Symmetrical patterns

Symmetry challenge

Find the line of symmetry on each letter

The children used a balance scale to find a kg of a variety of objects e.g bean bags, penny coins etc.

Measuring mass

The children looked for a number of classroom objects that they estimated  had a mass of 40g then accurately weighed them using 1g, 5g and 10g  weights

Measuring mass

The children ordered the  length of tails from the shortest to the longest then measured them accurately using a cm ruler.

The children used non standard measures ( paperclips) to measure classroom objects

Measuring length

Measuring length

The children all made a metre person who measured exactly 1m  then took it home to find things that measure a metre.