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Marvellous Measuring!


This week has been all about measurement. We used tape measures and worked in pairs to measure arm span, strides and the circumference of our wrists, waists and heads. It was really fun and we needed to measure accurately.

Pendulum times tables with Leo the lion!


We enjoyed counting practising our times tables with Leo, we found as the string became shorter we had to count faster!


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Today we really enjoyed joining in the six times table song with Fred The Red!


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This morning our class 'Morning Challenge' involved shape. We really enjoy sharing our ideas and discussing our answers.



This week we have been learning about obtuse, acute and right angles. We worked in pairs to draw the angles, measure them and decide if they were acute, obtuse or right angles. We chose some examples to display on our working wall.

2D Shapes

We looked at a variety of 2D shapes, triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons. We used Geoboards to make them and discussed the properties.

This week we have been learning about scale. We compared a Scalextric car to a real car. We completed a table to show the differences between the two cars.