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Kings and Queens

To celebrate the end of our Kings and Queens topic, RGC and 4D joined us for a royal banquet. We enjoyed a royal parade and a royal ceronomy! What a lovely end to such a fantastic topic. 


Still image for this video

We made a timeline of the life of Queen Elizabeth. We also looked at what life was like in her early life. 

This half term we have been linking with the junior children to share ideas and learning. This week the children have been getting ready for a banquet next week! They paired up with a child from 3/4S to make crowns following a success criteria. The children worked fantastic together and the end results are brilliant - crowns definitely fit for a King or a Queen!!! Thank you 3/4S!


We received a special royal delivery in 1/RL. Each day two special royal children will be chosen to be the King and Queen of the day. Their job is to set the rules for the day! Keep your eyes peeled to see your child reigned King or Queen of 1/RL!