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Ideas for encouraging reading at home

This week the children will all be bringing home a Dr Seus quotation bookmark. I hope they will use this when reading at home.


Please encourage your child to read as often as possible at home.


Here are some tips for promoting reading at home with children:


Ensure that your child can see you reading. It doesn't matter if it's the newspaper, a cookery book, romantic novel, detective mystery, short stories, computer manual, magazine - anything!
Encourage children to join in - ask a child to help to read out a recipe for you as you cook, or the TV listings when you are watching TV.


Give books or book tokens as presents (and encourage others to do so!)
Visit the local library together on a regular basis, and enjoy spending time choosing new books.
Encourage children to carry a book at all times so they can read on journeys or in spare moments – you can do this, too!
Keep reading together. Read books you can talk about but make the talk light-hearted, not testing or over-questioning.
Make sure your home is a reading home - maybe have a family bookshelf or shelves in your children's bedrooms as well.
Don't panic if your child reads the same book over and over again! 
Encourage your children and their friends to swap books with each other. This will encourage them to talk and think about the books they are reading. We have a swap station in school too located outside the hall!


Many thanks,


Mrs Kennerley