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History at Pendle:

Subject Leader: Emily Lancaster

History at Pendle enables children to understand Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Through observing and interpreting evidence, pupils’ are inspired to learn more about major Historical events and changes over time. History a Pendle encourages critical thought, perceptive questioning and discussion. Through their work in History, children gain a sense of chronology, duration and their own cultural identity. They also gain an understanding of how events in the past have influenced our lives today. The History curriculum is covered through a whole school long term plan. The topics have been planned to allow progression of skills and knowledge of local and global events, whilst covering the national curriculum for History within each key stage. There is no specific ‘History’ within the Foundation Stage but it has links with the areas of learning such as Understanding the World; People and Communities; and Communication and Language.  An investigative approach to finding out about historical events is identified within the characteristics of effective learning, such as thinking critically; making links; finding out and exploring. Topics are enhanced by visits and visitors into school such as Adrian Worrel who has done some fantastic workshops in school. We also use primary sources within the local area to support teaching and learning, for example visiting Clitheroe Castle.  



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