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A Local Study

Week 3


This week we examined historical marriage records for marriages at The Church Of St James Clitheroe. The marriages were recorded in the register for the years 1896 - 1900. We examined the marriage dates and the names/addresses and occupations of those to be married. It was really interesting to find out about those who lived, worked and married many years ago in Clitheroe.



Week 1 and 2


We started our topic by discussing the local area. We talked about recognisable features and landmarks in Clitheroe. We went outside and worked with our Talking Partners naming landmarks from photographs. We really enjoyed dashing from image to image and we successfully named most of the 25 landmarks! Well done 3K! We then illustrated our favourite place to visit in Clitheroe and wrote about why we like it so much.



Clitheroe Landmarks