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We are studying the coastal town of Blackpool. We used Google Earth and Digimaps to locate man made and natural features of the resort

We looked at the map of the Isle of Struay, identified and found human and physical features on the map then created our own keys.

The fictional Isle of Struay off the East coast of Scotland

We studied  modern and ancient landmarks in the capital city of England during our Kings and Queens topic.

We went to look at the local stream that runs alongside Pendle Primary School. We listed the landmarks,human and physical, that we saw en route.

We made a messy map of the route

We looked for the houses seen along the roads adjacent to Pendle School on Digimaps then drew our own maps of the locality.

The children looked at the different types of houses along Longsight and Princess Avenue, semi- detached, detached and terraced. We sketched a terrace house on Longsight Avenue