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Geography at Pendle

Subject Leader: Mrs M.Smith

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The study of geography at Pendle enables the children to make sense of, and unravel the mystery of, the fast changing, highly connected , interdependent world in which they live. To ensure that children are engaged with innovative and enjoyable learning there is a local and personalised element. The children are involved in fieldwork which makes the study of geography relevant to their lives. Our fieldwork includes studies of the school itself and the surrounding streets, the local stream, the River Ribble, the town center,  Castle Park, the new housing development by the grammar school and Salthill Quarry. The children are also challenged to think about 'real world ' issues such as climate change and plastic waste through the use of the Wild Arctic giant circumpolar map and reference to the extreme weather that occurs as a result.Time is given to address things that are happening in the wider world as seen on the News such as earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and volcanoes. 

The geography is covered through a whole school long term plan . Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 , Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 all follow a two year rolling programme of cross curricular topics following the Lancashire Units. The themes have been planned to allow for continuity and progression of skills whilst covering the National Curriculum within each key stage.