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Posters of London famous places to visit and see

The children listened to the story and studied the annotated maps from the story  'A Walk in London'by Salvatore Rubbino to familiarise themselves with the famous landmarks and buildings. 

The children were asked to sort the photographs into groups - old buildings, modern buildings, transport, places to visit, places to work, have a walk  etc.


London images

Following the story 'Katie Visits London' the children looked for the landmarks mentioned in the story on the ipads.

Map detectives

The children had to find the capital cities of each of the countries of the United Kingdom by using the keys to help them to locate countries then capital cities 

The children looked at Google Earth, zoomed  out from their street to their town, their county then country, then continent then their planet.

They created a  set of drawings ever increasing in size from 'My house' to 'My planet'.

My World

The children wrote down the names of all the countries they could name then we collated the information on an A-Z of countries that they had come up with. They then looked at Atlas's , world maps and globes to locate these countries.

The children brought in photographs of places they had visited during the Summer Holidays

Where in the world?