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On Wednesday afternoons Mrs Kennerley teaches Geography in 2M.


Our topic this half term is 'I live in Clitheroe'


On Wednesday afternoon we looked at simple geographical features of Clitheroe using Google Earth and Digimaps. We were fascinated zooming in from space on Google Earth! We then discussed landmarks we recognised and focused on places where we like to play in Clitheroe. We looked at a PowerPoint of photographs and had to guess the place, we were really enthusiastic and very good at this! We then illustrated and labelled four play areas/venues. 

Making maps!


This week we examined maps of schools. We looked at what the various symbols represented. We then went out onto the Key Stage two playground and discussed the various human and environmental features. We tried really hard to remember the location of the features in relation to one another. When we came back to our classroom we drew the features and created a key. We produced some amazing maps with incredible attention to detail!

Location location location!


This week we examined the fastest route from school up to Clitheroe Castle. We looked at maps and discussed the names of the various roads and streets along the way. We also examined Google Earth and discussed the recognisable man made features such as buildings and road signs along the route. We then pin pointed the locations of six recognisable buildings on a map.

Our visit to Clitheroe Castle


On Wednesday afternoon as part of our 'I live in Clitheroe' Geography topic we went on a trip to Clitheroe Castle. We were fascinated to see the amazing view of Clitheroe from the viewpoint at the top of the castle! We could see Booths, Clitheroe Cricket Club, Castle Cement and some of us even saw our homes! On the way to the castle we discussed road names, road signs, buildings and all sorts of other man made and natural features! It was incredibly windy at the top of the castle but we loved it!! 😀