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We made weather vanes so we could find out which direction the wind was coming from.

We used compasses to find out where North is then set our weather vanes and watched the arrow spin each time the wind direction changed

We looked at a weather forecast, drew the weather symbols then made up our own forecasts. We recorded the weather and temperature every day


A map of the united kingdom made out of a jigsaw of the countries

Images of Bangladesh

We looked at google Earth and in worlds Atlases to find out where Bangladesh was when travelling from the UK. 

Compass directions

Our visit to Clitheroe castle grounds


We listed all the man made and natural features in the KS2 playground then drew our own maps

We discussed  all the places in Clitheroe where we can play or be active and looked for them on  Digimap O.S. maps based on Clitheroe. The children had to identify symbols used for e.g roads, rail or river then locate certain features e.g. Edisford Bridge where children can feed the ducks or throw stones in the water.


 We have subscribed to Digimaps for schools. This years Username is BB72AL and the password is prelks02