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Friends of Pendle News and Events

Friends of Pendle will be holding a stall at the Cricket Club Bonfire on Friday evening (Nov 5th) 2021 from 5.30pm. Please come along to support us if you are attending.


Hi from the FOPS team.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Clitheroe cricket clubs bonfire and firework display on Friday 5th November. We will be having 2 stalls selling light up toys, sweets, crisps, water and juices all for school funds. Light up windmills - £6, light up cat ear headbands £4, foam sticks - £3. We will also be selling sweets £2, water and juice £1 and crisps for 50p. One of our stalls by the gym car park will be accepting card payments only. The other stall – cash only. Thank you for those that have offered to volunteer on these stalls. See you very soon!


The FOPS team.