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3P are Script Writers & Television Producers


Following on from our toothpaste brand design. We worked in teams and wrote a script for a television advert. We then brought costumes into school, designed and made props and went outside to record our adverts. We have really enjoyed learning about the powers of advertising!

Enjoy watching some of our adverts!

Design a Tooth Cleaning Machine!


Our learning objective was to create a simple design for a tooth cleaning machine. We annotated our drawings to show the features and to explain how it worked. We had some fantastic ideas! Our machines dispensed just the right amount of toothpaste, some had built in timers and other featured popular animals and characters to appeal to young children!

We are Product designers!

This week we have designed our own brands of toothpaste. We created a product name and slogan. We then designed the packaging. We tried to make the packaging as appealing as possible so customers would want to buy our product!

Guided reading


This morning we enjoyed sharing our guided reading activities and work with the class. We produced some fantastic pieces of work and celebrated our achievements. Well done 3P!


Persuasive Texts - Adverts


We are learning about adverts and the features of adverts. We talked about where we see adverts and ways they encourage us to purchase products. We found they often use persuasive language, bossy verbs and slogans. We worked in pairs and looked at an advert, we discussed and highlighted the features we spotted.

Spelling sing song!


Still image for this video
Anyone remember Bananaman? We have been comparing film scripts with play scripts and acting out a series of parts. We will be uploading videos soon to show our acting skills!
This week we discussed 'Should kids be banned from eating junk food?' Our task was to write a balanced argument.